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Simple Halloween Hairstyles to Complete Your Costume

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It’s that time of year again. Candy, Corpses, and Crazy Hairdo’s all help to make Halloween one of our favorite holidays of the year! But coming up with the perfect costume can be difficult, and buying one from the store can get a bit pricey. Sometimes the best costumes are the simplest, just putting together […]

10 Awesome Back to School Hairstyles

The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing, so you know what time it is: back to school! Whether you have little ones just starting their first academic year, or college students getting ready for their final senior semesters, everybody will want to be looking their best when they walk in the classroom on the […]

Barbers: A Short History Pt. 2

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And now, for the exciting conclusion of “Barbers: A Brief History”! Following the fall of Rome to the (largely unshaven) barbarians, the barber profession added a few more services to their areas of expertise. After several proclamations from more than one Pope, the clergy, who at that point were the main fount of medicinal knowledge, […]