Most Memorable NFL Hairstyles

Rashean Mathis semion barbershop

Are you ready for some football?!? The 2014 NFL season kicks off September 4th, and we couldn’t be any more excited. And there are so many great questions waiting to be answered this season: Can the Seahawks do it again? Can the Broncos redeem themselves? Will the Cowboys finally make their move?

But until the season starts, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite NFL hairstyles. Here are the Top 10 Most Memorable NFL Hairstyles of All Time!

Jeff Reed semion barbershop

10. Jeff Reed: What is Guy Fieri doing on the field? Oh wait, that’s just Jeff Reed, sporting his impossible-to-miss bleached blonde hairdo. The contrast between his bright yellow hair and his old Steelers uniform definitely makes him stand out from the crowd.

peyton manning semion barbershop


9. Peyton Manning: Despite the ridiculously lackluster performance in last year’s Super Bowl (that’s about as nice as we can say it), Manning remains a five-time league MVP and was named Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Sportsman of the Year before the 2013 season had even finished.  Nevertheless, one would think Peyton would have gone to a professional Denver barber to change up his country–bumpkin hairstyle by now…

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie semion barbershop

8. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: Formerly a Bronco, this New York Giants cornerback has a bit of a history of colorful hairstyles. We’ll see if the Giants let him keep up his daring ‘dos.

antonio garay semion barbershop

7. Antonio Garay: Currently a free agent, Antonio could easily have been number 1 for this impressive hairstyle. Colorful and intricately designed, it’s amazing his hair manages to survive long underneath the helmet. This half-Latin, half-Jewish nose tackle is definitely one of our favorites.

Domata Peko semion barbershop

6. Domata Peko: It’s good for a defensive tackle to be intimidating, but Domata looks like he’s all but given up on trying anymore. I guess living in Cincinatti could be the culprit, but even Cincinatti isn’t that terrible. Someone get this man some scissors and a mirror!

Tiquan Underwood semion barbershop

5.  Tiquan Underwood: This particular hairdo is from the time Tiquan first heard he would be playing for the Patriots (hence the logo shaved into the back of his head). So this is perfectly understandable. However, for managing to keep that hi-top in shape despite the helmet, Tiquan definitely makes the Most Memorable list.

Jerry Rice semion barbershop

4. Jerry Rice: Even though this all-star wide receiver has been retired a few years now, we felt we had to remind everyone about this impressive hairstyle. Twenty percent shaved head, eighty percent dread locks, Jerry certainly knows how to make a bold statement.

Clay Matthews semion barbershop

3. Clay Matthews: We had to include someone rocking the long hair, and Clay seemed like the best pick. His hair may look like that of a wet dog, but since he plays like a rabid pitbull, it suits him.

Rashean Mathis semion barbershop

2. Rashean Mathis: Here’s another footballer rocking the long hair, but this time as dread locks. Rashean isn’t the only player to do this ‘do, but this picture was just too epic to pass up. Plus, it takes some guts to wear a hairstyle that could easily get pulled on (and out!) in a rough tackle.

Tim Tebow semion barbershop

1. Tim Tebow: Alas, Tim’s amazing Friar Tuck hairstyle didn’t last long, but we will cherish the memory forever. If only more professional athletes would spoil us with such delightful hairstyle antics!

Did we leave out any of your favorite NFL hairstyles? Upload your favorites in the comments section, and be sure to tune in to the games to check out some of the memorable hairstyles this 2014 NFL season!