Simple Halloween Hairstyles to Complete Your Costume

halloween hairstyles semion barbershop

It’s that time of year again. Candy, Corpses, and Crazy Hairdo’s all help to make Halloween one of our favorite holidays of the year! But coming up with the perfect costume can be difficult, and buying one from the store can get a bit pricey. Sometimes the best costumes are the simplest, just putting together an outfit using clothes you’ve already got in creative ways. And no matter what costume you choose, make sure you’ve got the perfect hairdo to match!

Here are 5 simple Halloween hairstyles for you to try:

mermaid hairstyle semion barbershop
Mary Rozzi

Mermaid: Buying a costume for this is pretty straightforward, and you can even likely put together a simple one with your clothes and some cheap arts and crafts supplies. But this mermaid hairstyle is what will really finish the costume! To get that fresh-out-of-the-water Ariel look, apply some mousse to your damp hair, and tousle it with your fingers as you blow it dry. Go for a loose center part. Then, take a curling wand, wind a section of hair away from your face, hold for 20 seconds, and gently slide the hair off. Don’t use a clamp, because we’re going for smooth, crimpless curls.  When you’ve got your hair nice and curled, run your fingers through the ringlets to separate them into waves. Finish with some hairspray to keep the shape.

dorothy hairstyle semion barbershop


Dorothy: Another classic that you can buy in most stores or piece together with clothes you’ve already got, the Dorothy costume is never complete without her iconic braids! First, curl your hair with a wand. Then, part your hair down the middle and tuck one half out of the way for now. With the other half, take a small section of hair near the part and twist it upward toward the part line, following your hairline as you twist it back and adding in hair after every twist. Make sure to incorporate all the hair on that side into the twist at the back corner of your head, and try to keep it as tight as you can. With the twist in one hand, use your other hand to section the rest of your hair into three even strands. Braid these strands until you reach your shoulders and secure the braid with elastic. Leave some hair free to get that signature fluffy and curly end. Repeat with the other side. Finish with hairspray and bows. Here’s a great video from Cute Girls Hairstyles that will walk you through it.

french maid hairstyle semion barbershop


French Maid: No Halloween party is complete without a French Maid. And while the costume is easy enough to find, the French twist hairstyle will tie it all together. Gather your hair at the base of your neck and twist it up. Grab some bobby pins to secure the twist and arrange your ends as you like, pinning random strands down if your hair is long. Voilà!

katniss hairstyle semion barbershop


Katniss Everdeen: With the third installment of the Hunger Games series coming out in November, playing this iconic heroine is a no-brainer. But no Katniss costume would be complete without her signature side braid. To keep the odds ever in your favor, start by brushing your hair and removing any knots and tangles. Pick a side to start on (it’s up to you, but we’ll explain from the right). Take a large section above your right ear and split it into three strands. Then, you’re going to make a Dutch braid: cross the right piece under the center, then bring the left piece under the right. Continue braiding and adding more hair to each section as you go. Try to add even amounts on both sides to keep the shape equal. When you run out of hair to add in, bring your right hand around to the front and braid to the end of your hair. Secure your braid with clear elastic and then stretch the braid out. Here’s a great walkthrough from Hair Romance.

cersei lannister hairstyle semion barbershop

Cersei Lannister: Game of Thrones is watched by millions of people, and the beautiful (and dangerous) Cersei is definitely one of the reasons why! Luckily, recreating her classic hairstyle is surprisingly easy. First section off your hair into three parts. Clip the top section out of the way. Take the two bottom sections and tie them into ponytails, with one on top of the other. Take the middle ponytail and plait it all the way down your head. Secure it at the bottom. Then, take the top section and split it into two, twisting away from your face and bringing the two pieces together at the back of your hair, just above the second ponytail. Finally, take clear elastic and secure it, while taking the tail of the twist and tucking it underneath the plait below. Let the third ponytail piece go and let your hair hang loose. To get a loose, tousled wave, tong random sections of your hair. Now you’re ready to play the Game of Thrones!