Top 10 Worst Celebrity Hairstyles

celeb hairstyles semion barbershop

In our last blog post, we presented 10 hairstyle trends to take advantage of for Spring 2014. Now, let’s take a look back at some celebrities who could have REALLY used some hairstyling tips. Here are the Top 10 Worst Celebrity Haircuts of All Time!

1. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopLet’s start with the former Disney darling-turned twerking addict that everyone loves to hate, Miley Cyrus. Although her choice of hairstyle hasn’t been the focus of news about Miley lately, let’s not forget this surprising (in a bad way) cut Miley tweeted back in 2012. What happened to those lovely locks? Someone could have used a mirror in the barbershop that day.

2. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopYea. Hulk Hogan. We went there. It feels like the man hasn’t changed his hairstyle in over 30 years. Bald on top and way too long everywhere else seems to be his preferred style, and boy is he sticking to it. We at least have to give him credit for his stubborn consistency, right?

3. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopGiven Christina Aguilera’s seeming inability to keep a hairstyle for more than twenty minutes, and given that a significant number of those hairstyles fall into the “What the…” category, it’s hard to pick just one hair disaster to focus on. From ridiculous afro to soggy-looking curls, from cornrows to whatever that last one is, Christina’s unabashed confidence in her hair, while certainly laudable, may be occasionally misplaced.

4. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopAnother action star that seems to have found a hairstyle and stuck with it despite the haters, Steven Seagal has worn his hair in a slicked ponytail since 1988. From his martial arts prowess to his fluent Japanese language skills (seriously, look it up), Steven’s desire to be Asian seems to have left a lasting impression on his hairstyle of choice.

5. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopHelena Bonham Carter is an awesome actress, but for some reason it seems she’s never spent more than 5 seconds attempting to style her hair. Perhaps she’s always in a rush and never has the time, or perhaps she’s allergic to combs. Either way, Helena could definitely use some help the next time she’s sitting in front of the mirror.

6. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopAt the very least, no one can fault movie star-turned rock star Jared Leto for not being adventurous. Some of his fans, though, might fault him for messing with his great looks with a series of increasingly strange hairstyles. These two are just a taste. We could probably spend all day on Jared and his do’s (or should we say, don’ts?).

7. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopNow don’t get us wrong: Amy Winehouse was a fabulous musician that was taken far too young. But my goodness, would you look at that hair? Even PETA must be a little distraught at the beehive perched precariously atop Amy’s head.

8. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopAnother young musician everyone loves to hate, Justin Bieber rocked this odd-looking helmet swoop for three years until someone finally showed him a mirror. It’s not that the hairstyle is really awful, per se, so much as it’s clear someone had to spend hours styling, spraying, combing, and gelling it into that perfect hood-sweep shape.

9. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopThe only other celebrity that could give Christina a run for her money on the sheer number of hairstyles attempted (and failed), Gwen Stefani certainly took her time before settling on her now reliable platinum blonde. Being a rock and roll star certainly gives you liberty to try some wild things, but there’s got to be a limit somewhere. Right?

10. celeb hairstyles semion barbershopWho else but Dennis Rodman deserves our number 1 worst celebrity hairstyle of all time? Fantastic athlete and Kim Jong-Un’s BFF, Dennis Rodman has tried every hair color in the rainbow, and then some. Desperate for attention? Yes. Succeeding at getting it? Absolutely.

Are there any horrible celebrity hairstyles we left out? Send us your favorites and we’ll compile a list with all your input!